Frequently asked questions

What is kava?

Kava refers both to the kava plant (Piper methysticum) and to the traditional, relaxing non-alcoholic drink made from the plant’s roots. Kava beverage brings a calm focus, alleviates stress, and makes you more social — notably, all without diminishing mental clarity or awareness. The traditionally-made drink has an earthy look, peppery taste, and unique psychoactive effects thanks to its active ingredients called kavalactones. One of the effects is a mild mouth numbing and tingling – this is completely normal and part of the kava experience. Learn more about kava on our media site.

How much kava should you drink?

Like coffee, kava affects everyone differently. If it is your first time having kava, we recommend having 1-2 servings and waiting 10-20 minutes to experience the effects before having more. Kava is unique in that it has “reverse tolerance”, meaning the more you drink it, the less you need to consume to feel the effects. So, once you are a kava-lover, two servings is all you need.

Is kava safe and legal?

Yes to both! Our kava is traditional, water-extracted kava made from fresh kava roots. This is how kava is consumed in Vanuatu. We offer our kava in multiple tasty flavors, but leave out preservatives and chemicals to keep it natural. Water-extracted kava is now officially recognized as a beverage by both the UN’s Food Code (CODEX) and World Health Organization. It has always been legal in the U.S. and has been consumed safely and enjoyably for centuries in the Pacific Islands.

Studies show that kava taken in small and moderate does not effect mental function or driving ability. It has been suggested that large doses of kava may effect motor skills and, therefore, caution is advised when operating heavy machinery when kava is consumed in higher doses.

Is kava addictive?

Kava is not classified as a drug and does not have physically addicting properties (unlike alcohol… and even coffee!).

How is Nothing Special kava different from other kava brands?

Almost all of the kava available in the U.S. today is either produced as a tea from dried roots or made as an unnatural ethanolic extract — both forms lack the full-spectrum, time-tested effects that traditional kava beverage has. Nothing Special is produced from fresh kava root imported from the Pacific Islands and water-extracted using traditional methods for the most authentic kava experience possible.

Can kava be consumed during pregnancy or lactation?

Kava consumption during pregnancy or lactation is not recommended. As always, if you have any health concerns, we strongly advise consulting your qualified medical professional.

Can people under 18 have kava?

Kava is not intended for consumption by children, and you must be at least 18 years old to purchase our kava.

How are you supporting the local community where the kava is sourced?

Since day 1, we’ve sought to do kava right as the plant and the people behind it deserve nothing less. We’ve done five trips to the Pacific Islands (Vanuatu, Fiji, Hawaii, and New Caledonia) to build relationships directly with our kava farmers and ensure an ethical, sustainable kava supply chain. We hence know exactly where our kava comes from and which specific communities benefit. For example, because of our partnership, multiple villages in Vanuatu have been able to build running water systems, pay for children’s school fees, and support their lives in remote areas. We seek to help our kava partners maintain a special balance — continue their traditional way of life while benefiting from certain amounts of economic development.