Nothing Special Kava
Nothing Special Kava

Kava refers both to the plant (Piper methysticum) and to the traditional, relaxing drink made with its roots. The drink is created by grinding the root, mixing with water, and passing through a cloth filter. The final beverage has an earthy look, peppery taste, and unique psychoactive effects thanks to the active ingredients, called kavalactones.

“Drinking kava is like having a massage from the inside out.” — Jerry Konanui‍Kava is widely known to relax the body and mind, and it makes for a great after work beverage in the afternoons and evenings. Kava makes you feel good without diminishing mental clarity or awareness. Kava relieves social anxiety, restlessness, and sleeplessness. Note that some varietals, or cultivars, of kava make you feel more relaxed and introverted, while others are a bit more uplifting and social.

Think of kava as the opposite of coffee — kava relaxes you in the evening while coffee energizes you in the morning. And like coffee, kava makes you feel good without diminishing mental clarity or awareness. So you won’t feel drunk, high, or ‘out of it’ as you may with alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs.

Almost all of the kava available in America today is either produced as a tea from dried roots or scientifically extracted for effects but none of the flavor or full-spectrum capabilities of the plan. Nothing Special is produced from fresh kava root imported from the Pacific Islands and water-extracted using traditional methods for the most authentic kava experience possible.

Kava is like coffee in that you generally feel good after 1-2 servings and don't feel the need to have more (unlike alcohol, where you often want more and more...) That said, kava does effect everyone differently (like coffee does), and we recommend waiting 20 minutes after your first serving before having your second. You probably won't need more than two servings! A bottle of Nothing Special contains 4 servings.

While our kava is shelf stable, we do use natural ingredients that are at their best when you receive the bottle. All our bottles are shelf-stable and able to store at room temperature for 12 months from the date of production. Once opened, Nothing Special must be refrigerated and consumed within 14 days.

Like coffee consumption, kava consumption during pregnancy or lactation is not recommended. As always, if you have any health concerns we strongly advise consulting your qualified medical professional. Kava is not intended for consumption by children and you must be at least 18 years old to purchase our kava.

For us, kava is best enjoyed without other substances. What we do know is that kava can impede the body’s ability to break down alcohol and the two should not be mixed.Unlike alcohol, kava is not classified as a drug and does not have physically addicting properties.

In fact, it is known to have a “reverse tolerance” — where the amount required to experience effects actually diminishes over time.

Studies show that kava taken in small and moderate does not effect mental function or driving ability. It has been suggested that large doses of kava may effect motor skills and, therefore, caution is advised when operating heavy machinery when kava is consumed in higher doses.

Nothing Special Kava
Nothing Special Kava